SG Biotech Coalition

The SG Biotech Coalition provides a forum for Southern Utah’s growing biotechnology industry where scientists, business leaders, regulators, and members of the general public may meet to network, learn and be informed through a regular schedule of meetings and events.

We welcome members with expertise or interest in bioinformatics, biomechanics, genetic engineering, precision medicine, precision genomics, pharmaceutical development and drug design, implants and prosthetics, interfacing to neural/sensory networks, clinical trials, and data-driven policy affecting local communities

Promote Interest

in the development and application of biotechnology among practitioners and the general public.


Bring together a membership drawn from thought-leaders in academia, industry, and business covering all areas where technology and life sciences merge.

Hub & Economy

Become a regional hub for biotech partners intending to develop a highly skilled workforce within a biotech driven economy.

SG Biotech Coalition